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Khanna Group was established in the year 1937. Our companies, Laxminarain Visambharnath and Khanna & Khanna Ltd. have been members of Khanna Group since their inception. For the past forty years we have been manufacturing specialty chemicals serving Spin Finish Oils, Antistats, Textile Lubricants, Softeners and Auxillaries to the synthetic textile and other affiliated industries. With time, we have evolved as one of the leading manufacturers in this field. Presently, we have manufacturing facilities in multiple locations which help us cater a wide range of products to various industries.

Our Products


SurfactantsWe manufacture surfactants for specialty chemical industries via our ethoxylation & propoxylation plant. Based on our customer needs, we fine tune our ethylene oxide /propylene oxide condensates for customer specific requirements.

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Spin Finish Oils

Spin Finish OilsThere has been a rapid growth in the textile industry in the past fifty years. This is largely owed to the rise of synthetic fiber manufacturing. Synthetic fibers can have modified properties as compared to natural fibers such as enhanced durability and strength. We develop and manufacture spin finish oils for processing of these man made fibers.

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Auxiliary Products

Auxiliary ProductsWe manufacture post fiber treatment auxiliaries including softeners & wetting agents. Our product basket also includes antistatic lubricants for sewing thread, for spun yarn, bonded yarn and filament. We provide antistatic oil for Polyester, Acrylic, Viscose, Cotton and blends.

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