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Spin Finish Oils

Spin Finish Oils

There has been a rapid growth in the textile industry in the past fifty years. This is largely owed to the rise of synthetic fiber manufacturing. Synthetic fibers can have modified properties as compared to natural fibers such as enhanced durability and strength. We develop and manufacture spin finish oils for processing of these man made fibers (MMF). We offer tailor made products for –

    • Nylon mono Filament
    • Nylon multi Filament
    • Nylon POY/ Nylon FDY/ Nylon Fiber
    • Polypropylene Filament / BCF
    • Acrylic Staple Fiber, Tows and Tops
    • Polyester POY/ Polyester FDY
    • Polyester Staple Fiber and Tow
    • Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber
    • Viscose Filament Yarn
    • Polyester/Viscose blends

In the MMF industry, polyester has the largest market share.

We service the Polyester FDY market under our brand name ELEN with different product grades for yarn lustre (Bright / Semidull), denier range and other customer specific requirements. Our FDY finish oils have excellent lubricity to facilitate drawing process. The finish oils contain good antistatic properties and have good conductance.

Our ELEN 1616 series is widely accepted in the industry for Polyester FDY Bright and is running very successfully with many reputed yarn manufacturers.

Our ELEN OE series has been successfully developed for WINGS winders for Polyester FDY, different grades for bright and semidull. The oils under this series work well with traditional machinery as well as with the latest WINGS winders.

We service the Polyester POY market under our brand name POY with tailor made products for customer specific requirements.

Our POY spin finish oil are designed to afford to the yarn properties to assist the drawing, winding, texturizing operations and confer antistatic protection, prevent filament ballooning and impart cohesion between the filaments.